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HISP 469: Laboratory in Preservation Planning

Playground History, Theory & Design – Combs 025 – MW 11-12:15

In this course, you will learn about the development and use of playgrounds in the US and abroad. The course will be divided into three broad sections: history of playground development, current theories of play, and design of an original playground. This laboratory is the capstone to the HISP major and is meant to be a studio-like experience. As such, preparation, participation, and initiative in a team-based environment will be central to the course.
This course will allow you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve already developed in previous preservation planning courses, deepen your understanding of design and planning, and create an original design based on historical precedent and current theories.

 Course Components

Graded Course Requirements Weight
Class Participation 20%
Journal Entries 15%
Research/Writing 20%
Playground Design 20%
Report Elaboration & Editing 20%
Presentation 05%


WEEK 1 Introduction: Playgrounds
WEEK 2 Research: History
WEEK 3 Research: History
WEEK 4 Annotated Bibliography I and Timeline
WEEK 5 Editing & Feedback
WEEK 6 Research: Theory
WEEK 7 Research: Theory
WEEK 9 Annotated Bibliography II
WEEK 10 Research: Design
WEEK 11 Design Elaboration
WEEK 12 Report Layout
WEEK 13 Design & Report Editing
WEEK 14 Completion of Design & Report

Disability Information, Grading Scale & Instructor Policies

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