HISP 469 Journal

Students must keep a journal for the course. Journal entries must be kept online in a google doc made available to Dr. Smith. Instructions to share the google doc are available here. Journal entries are due three times during the semester:

Wednesday February 15
Wednesday March 22
Wednesday April 26

The journal entries should focus on (1) the student’s individual experience in the course relating to the project process, (2) peer evaluation of team-members, (3) lessons learned in a wider planning/preservation context. Length is not prescribed, but 1-2 paragraphs on each topic is expected. This is a chance for each student to critically assess their and their classmates’ contribution to the learning process. Proper spelling and grammar are expected in this assignment, which should be treated as a formal writing exercise.

The three journals will be worth 15% of the final grade. Dr. Smith will provide feedback and provisional grades directly on the google doc after each journal submission so students know where they stand in the course.