HISP 360: International Preservation

Course Outline

Historic Preservation 360, International Preservation, is a survey and research-based seminar of preservation around the world. The course will start with the development of preservation characteristics to assess in each country/region, including political and economic systems as well as attitudes toward history and importance of tourism. Next, the course will cover the major international organizations that are active in preservation, including UNESCO, ICCROM and ICOMOS. The course will then discuss case studies from around the world, with particular attention paid to (1) the country’s preservation characteristics, (2) the role of international organizations, and (3) lessons to be gleaned for preservation in the United States. The course will conclude with a revisit of the preservation characteristics and a critique of their value in predicting preservation practice.

This course aims to widen students’ perspectives and foster curiosity and openness so that they may understand the different types of preservation issues and challenges throughout the world.