Notre Dame: Follow-up Thoughts

Since the Notre Dame fire, I’ve had lots of interesting conversations and fielded many pertinent questions. I thought instead of endlessly repeating myself, I should write some of this stuff down. Here goes: What exactly was lost? How do we fix it? The cathedral itself took the brunt of the damage: most of the artwork […]

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Immediate face plant

This whole “I don’t need my computer” thing sounded so easy. It only took a day to make it clear I’m delusional. Not that I couldn’t have done my work on the iPad – I could have – but just that it was so much easier to get it done on the computer I couldn’t […]

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A necessary experiment 

For the past few months, my computer has been unbearably – almost unuseably – slow. I have a couple ideas why that is: 1- I was warned by my colleague before moving to my current office that it has very slow ethernet. 2- the $@^%@$% antivirus UMW insists I must have on my computer even […]

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It’s not you, it’s me.

  I’ve established before that I am an unapologetic early-adopter-fan-girl-nerd. I love new technotoys. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested a couple, with surprising (for me) outcomes. Here’s my review of the first. I’ve been seeing the livescribe pen in class pretty regularly for at least a year now. When I saw it, I […]

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