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Urban Design

Having grown up in Paris, I have been inspired by my native city to study urban renewal of industrial districts. I’m currently focusing on the Bercy neighborhood of Paris. Students enrolled in my summer course in Paris visit the renewal site extensively, and I have been able to collect time-series documentation of the neighborhood as it has redeveloped. Research on this topic has been presented and is being prepared for publication.


I’ve long been fascinated by literary and film dystopias of the 20th Century, particularly centered on real and imaginary cities. My research analyzes the evolution of urban design in dystopias from images of modernism in the 1920s (as in We by Yevgueni Zamyatin) to images of sprawl today (as in Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson). Research has been presented at the Constructing the City Symposium and has resulted in a Freshman Seminar entitled “Cities of Nightmare” taught twice to date. Research on this topic is ongoing.