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Non-Motorized Travel

With Dr. Kelly Clifton of Portland State University, I developed PEDS – The Pedestrian Environment Data Scan. PEDS is an audit instrument and methodology for evaluating the microscale features of walking environment. It has since been used in the United States and abroad in numerous urban planning, transportation, and public health related research.
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I also aided in the development of the PEDS module for the UPenn Built Environment Assessment Training Institute. Think you may have a use for PEDS but want to learn more, alter it for your purposes, or get trained? Please contact me and I may be able to help.

Transportation Alternatives (previously called Transportation Enhancements) are the largest source of federal funding for pedestrians & bicyclists as well as historic preservation. I have worked with the National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse (formerly NTEC), both as staff and consultant, to collect and analyze data regarding the implementation of the TA program. I was awarded a faculty research grant to explore the importance of the TA program for preservation planning. Presentations relating to this topic can be found in my CV at the bottom of the About page. Most recently, I was contracted by the National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse to develop a national Certificate of Excellence Program to recognize outstanding TE-funded projects.

Other research projects regarding pedestrians have included involvement in Testing Associations Between Physical Activity and the Urban Environment (Rodriguez, PI) and A Smart Step Forward.