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Preservation Curriculum & Pedagogy

The Center for Historic Preservation hosted the First Undergraduate Historic Preservation Education Symposium on June 10-12 2010 at the University of Mary Washington. The symposium brought together faculty from undergraduate preservation institutions from across the United States. Topics of discussion were focused on curriculum, pedagogy, and student placement. Smith organized the symposium and published a paper from the findings. Preliminary analysis can be found on the Center for Historic Preservation website.

Smith’s article on the topic, entitled “The Young Preservationist: Findings from the First Undergraduate Historic Preservation Education Symposium” is in the current issue of Preservation Education and Research.

With her senior laboratory students, Smith designed a preservation planning board game called Plunked! The game teaches preservation planning concepts such as Section 106, easements, revolving funds, and historic districts. Smith has since presented on this topic and is currently preparing a course for faculty to help integrate games and gamification into their course.

Smith was recently awarded a Curricular Development grant to improve the Historic Preservation 101 experience. Along with developing an Honors-designated section of the course, Smith has conducted data collection and is currently developing materials for instructors of the course. Smith has also presented on this topic, to aid faculty from all preservation institutions in considering varied intro course options.