Planning/architecture/preservation related movies: Hello, everyone. If you’re reading this it’s because you’re desperately bored. Well, let me help to the best of my abilities. Here are ideas/links/arts/whatevers that I’ve collected or been sent from around the internets. I’ll keep adding stuff as I go. Enjoy & stay safe! Videos I made with my kids (I […]


A few thoughts on a few museums

I used to be a museum professional. It’s funny, because I’m not the “museum person” in my department and since it’s not my field of research, most students have no idea I used to work in museums for a living. While I’m retired from being a museum professional, I’m still very much a museum aficionado. […]

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Cold Turkey?

Looking at the news these days, I find my blood pressure spiking as my anxiety goes through the roof. It seems to be a widespread problem, but that’s little consolation. I’ve got hypertension and anxiety to begin with, and there’s only so much medication can accomplish. Like many academics, I’ve had an active presence on […]

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Balancing classes and baby

So: I had a baby. And the semester wasn’t quite over so when I got home from the hospital I had to do some grading with a newborn and no sleep. Surprisingly, it worked out ok thanks to some advanced planning, some technology, and a lot of help. First, I need to thank my department […]

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Get off my lawn!

This is where I’m gonna sound old and out of touch. Kids today, they don’t know the value of cursive! Now granted I’m not that old, but I did grow up in France which has (had?) different views on cursive. Growing up, I was made to learn cursive and use it. In fact, French kids of […]

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Les petites différences

I’ve been in Paris for almost three weeks now, and my students have been blogging assiduously since then. I figured it was time I did the same. No more excuses (though the heat wave we had when we arrived was as good an excuse as one can get. That was miserable.) Coming back to Paris, […]

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Long uncomfortable silence

Serial just ended. Like most people, I listened to the entire series, and looked forward to each new podcast on Thursdays. Like most people, I also have an opinion about the series. The main critique I’ve heard about it is that it’s racist. Personally, I think that’s a counterproductive accusation. Let me explain with an […]

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A small LEGO win

November is finally really here, with cold temps and all, but I find myself short of blogging inspiration. I was just at the NTHP conference, but was stuck in meetings the entire time, and I’ve already discussed my note-taking preferences. Technology for conference programs has sadly not budged since last year. And grading is a […]

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A fan girl’s two cents

When the apple announcements dropped on Tuesday I was busy working with Martha Burtis. More specifically, I was watching her show off the incredible work she’s done with the surveying the burg site. I’d match it up against professional CRM apps any day, and will have more to say about it soon. Anyway, I missed […]

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