Notre Dame: Follow-up Thoughts

Since the Notre Dame fire, I’ve had lots of interesting conversations and fielded many pertinent questions. I thought instead of endlessly repeating myself, I should write some of this stuff down. Here goes: What exactly was lost? How do we fix it? The cathedral itself took the brunt of the damage: most of the artwork […]

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Notre Dame

As I write this, Notre Dame is on fire. I’m not going to show photos of the blaze. It feels like looking at a crime, looking at a corpse. I should be grading right now – sorry students – but I can’t focus on anything except this loss. So I’m going to write, because right […]

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That %^&#% Window

Friends, family, and heck, random strangers at this point know that our neighbor’s tree fell on our house last March. I’ve blogged a little about it, but I haven’t written up too much yet. This is because (1) I didn’t want to jinx our rebuild as it was happening and (2) it’s still a bit […]

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Wrong Assumptions

Since I’m an urban planner and a preservationist, people ask me about random urban stuff all the time. Why is this street like that? What does this kind of roof mean? When was this built? This can be a really fun game. But to be good at it, I constantly try to make sure I […]

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Home away from home

The tree fell on my house three months ago. Work started a few weeks back. The time in between has been challenging to say the least. I know I said I’d write “lots of posts” about this experience but turns out it’s easier said than done. The process feels like a maelstrom. My emotions, on […]

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A tree fell on our house

The title says it all, really: a big honkin’ tree fell on our house. The tree was in our neighbor’s yard: a 60′ tall 3-4′ wide BIG FELLA. It fell across our kitchen and even pierced through our other neighbor’s living room. The important facts: No one was hurt. Thankfully, no one was in the […]

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Fun & Games

I’ve been on the gamification train for a long time. Still, I haven’t run out of things to learn, so when Mary Kayler announced a gamification workshop this spring, I was eager to sign up. Creating successful gamification classes/assignments is very time intensive, and I’ve had an idea brewing in my head a long time: […]

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