I chose the apartment I’m renting this summer for all sorts of practical reasons:- it’s close to the students’ dorm. 

– it’s close to my mother’s place. 

– it’s on multiple metro lines. 

– shops and other amenities are accessible. 

– it is within budget. (<= super extra important)

But if I’m completely honest, I also chose this apartment for two very non-practical reasons: the wallpaper and a chair. 

Wallpaper first: it’s got a very distinctive pattern, rendered in a lovely color palette. The color palette is midcentury and clean, very calming. The pattern screams REDRUM. In fact, that very pattern is always my device wallpaper around Halloween. Now I can have a (less creepy) summertime version. 

Pic of overlook hotel carpet and apartment wallpaper
Overlook Hotel on the left, Casa de Smith on the right. No trikes allowed!

Onto the chair. It’s not just any chair. It’s the Eames Chair and Ottoman. In terms of furniture, this may be the most iconic of the midcentury masterpieces. I’m more familiar than most with the Eames chair because we had one when I was a kid, but my mom hated it (midcentury isn’t her jam). She made my dad sell it and that was that. It’s been over 30 years but I still mourn the loss of that chair. As a kid it was huge and sleek and felt like a command seat on a spaceship. 

So yeah, I was browsing the pics of this apartment on Airbnb and saw the chair and just like that my mind was made up. It feels appropriate to base my decision at least in part on design features. I’m teaching an architecture/planning/preservation course after all. And now I’m writing this post while reclining in the chair. #timeisaflatcircle

It no longer feels huge – I’m a grown woman, not a six year old – but it’s still sleek and gorgeous and so comfortable. 
I may not ever be able to afford an Eames chair at home, but there’s always Paris…