Learning sans fear

At the invitation of Steve Greenlaw (hi, Steve!) I’ve enrolled in the #OpenLearning17 cMOOC. On the one hand: I’ve done plenty of work with OER in the past. I’ve posted about it. I’ve even presented about it. That doesn’t mean I’m doing as much as I could, and it doesn’t mean I’ve learned all that can be learned, hence the signing up for #OpenLearning17.
Even more exciting for me, this will be my first digital course. It is wayyyyy less intimidating to do this as a student than as a prof, so that’s nice. Realistically, considering the topics I teach, a digital course with me at the helm is unlikely. Still, learning is good, so I’m excited. Anyway, here we go.
Early thoughts: the sign-on process includes the Litany Against Fear. Way to get dorks like me energized. I have not yet seen Simpsons or Monty Python GIFs. Hoping it’s just a matter of time.

One thought on “Learning sans fear

  1. Welcome! I too admire that litany. (I repeat it, more often than I’d care to acknowledge!) Full credit to Tom Woodward, one of our behind-the-scenes helpers. He constantly works to keep us all encouraged, and he’s a major contributor to the design and infrastructure we use in this course.

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