A small LEGO win

November is finally really here, with cold temps and all, but I find myself short of blogging inspiration.

I was just at the NTHP conference, but was stuck in meetings the entire time, and I’ve already discussed my note-taking preferences. Technology for conference programs has sadly not budged since last year. And grading is a monkey that continually sits on my back.

But… The Internet has kindly given me something to talk about. Looking about for Xmas gifts for friends and family – and, ok, me – I have found very fancy (read *expensive*) headphone stands. They are certainly pretty, but I made one for myself a while back and I think it’s pretty neat. Here it is. It’s made of LEGO technics and velcro command strips. It cost me zero dollars. It was fun to build. It doesn’t take any desk space. I can take it off the wall without damaging it, and didn’t have to make any holes in the first place.


Cans sold separately.
Cans sold separately.

So…I win. Except the monkey on my back is jumping up and down again. Headphones on, back to grading.

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