Movie Review: Urbanized

So I finally watched Urbanized. I often mock people who haven’t seen movies I think are seminal, so this was partially a self-protective move on my part. I’m pretty sure this documentary is the most famous planning documentary out there. I have to say I came away a tiny bit disappointed. Not that the movie …

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LEGO for work, or my idea of heaven

Gamification is not universally accepted or respected. However, LEGO and architecture go together like peanut butter and chocolate. There’s no need to convince architects. They’ve been on board for a while. Though I wasn’t exactly toy deprived as a child, LEGOs will forever hold the place of honor among the playmobil, action figures, pirate and …

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Photography and Urban Renewal

Convincing a preservationist that documentation is good is a little like convincing water to be wet. Nonetheless, not all documentation is created equal. This was driven home to me as I exclaimed and tried to keep my voice down simultaneously at the Marville exhibit at the Met. I’ve seen more pictures of Paris than most, …

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The forest for the trees

The old about page, with the third-person bio.

Yesterday I met with my DSI cohort and talked about my approach to digital identity. The show-and-tell was fun, and yielded some really helpful comments. The best one came from Shawn Humphrey. What he said was so simple it kind of upsets me that I hadn’t figured it out. Since I started blogging as a …

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